Encore Building Company is unique in its building process. Encore prides itself in putting the client first. Encore’s core competency is to provide a fun, exciting, one-of-a-kind experience for the client. At Encore we know that building or buying a new home can be stressful and nerve-racking. Encore is confident they can eliminate those worries that potential home buyers might have through its people, process, and product.

Encore has some of the best people in the industry. Co-owners Russ Groshans and Brian Colvin have developed an amazing chemistry working with one another for 15 years in Encore’s sister company, Casa Bella Construction. Encore and Casa Bella share the same staff, chemistry, and values that has resulted in annual Grand Award winning homes.

Russ and Brian’s desire for perfection in not only their homes, but their process is infectious. Each and every member of Encore’s staff has adopted this attitude, and drive, to make the building process an extremely enjoyable experience.

As Casa Bella Construction’s sister company, Encore, hasn’t just adopted Casa Bella’s tried and true building process of 15 years, but it has improved it. Their building process was created out of necessity 15 years ago, and it is still not only a necessity, but a rare commodity in this day and age. Casa Bella and Encore recognized that there are many builders in this industry who are spec builders, representing themselves as custom builders. The difference is that our systems are designed for client involvement from the very beginning. For most builders, clients are somewhat of a nuisance. The builders are used to building their stock plans a certain way, and client involvement only complicates matters. They typically do not have systems in place to adequately record client selections and changes. Consequently, important details are often overlooked.

Our Job Specification Sheets thoroughly highlight every amenity and feature available so that no detail is too small. These detailed specification sheets allow clients to contemplate changes, or upgrades, long before they ever go to contract. Although our detailed specification sheets are thorough, we understand that clients change their minds. Our processes allow for these changes to flow seamlessly without the client feeling like they are getting in the way. We understand that every client is different. Some clients like to be very involved throughout the building process, while others prefer minimal involvement after agreeing on specifications. Our methods accommodate both these extremes, as well as anywhere in between both ends of the spectrum.

After the job specifications are agreed upon and the contract is signed, our clients are provided a Client Guidance Sheet that details the steps that they will need to take in order to finalize selections, such as carpet, tile, etc. The first step in the process is to meet with our designer. Our designer arranges to meet our clients, and begins guiding them in the selection process, and recording their selections on the Designer Worksheets.

These types of decisions are typically being made while the home is being framed. Once the home is framed, we meet our clients on-site to do Electrical and Cabinet walk-throughs, typically on the same day. This entire process takes about an hour.

We invite our clients to do a trim walk-through after drywall, if they wish to participate. This allows the clients to have input on things such as the layout of closets and where sweater stacks are placed. The entire build process takes about 6 months from beginning to end. Once the home is complete, we invite our clients to do a pre-close walk-through to help identify any minor details that need further attention. This gives us the opportunity to make certain the home is delivered in a manner that exceeds our clients’ expectations. It is typical in these walk-throughs for the builder to remind our clients that our purpose is to find minor flaws, and that there will be plenty of time to appreciate the home later.

Prior to moving in to their new home, our clients receive a Home Owners’ Orientation, where we provide them with information and instruction on various features and amenities of the home. After our clients move in the home, we ask them to keep a list of anything they may notice that had been missed during the pre-close walk-through so we can attend to these items on our 60-day follow-up visit.

Toward the end of the first year, our clients receive another follow-up visit to address any outstanding issues with the home.

Casa Bella has annually won the Grand Award over its 15 years in existence. At Encore, we are proud to have carried on that winning tradition in our product. The greatest award we receive isn’t from the Home Builder’s Association, but from the feedback of our clients. We always ask for feedback from our clients, so we can provide the best experience possible. A reoccurring theme amongst the feedback we receive is the client’s appreciation in the standard of quality of their home. Encore believes that every home should have the same tremendous quality as their award-winning homes.

It is through the development of and the strict adherence to these processes and procedures that we have enjoyed such success. While we are extremely proud of the homes we build, we are even more proud of the relationships we have developed.

Brian Colvin
Encore Building Company